Benefits of Blue Light Glasses

During the day, many consumers sit in front of a computer screen or digital app. The results of long hours in front of a computer screen leaves a person tense, and often with a headache. This is because of blue light known as a high energy visible light. Blue light glasses filter out this type of light.

HEV or blue light is like overexposure to the sun. When people stay indoor watching TV, playing video games, or using a smartphone or computer they are exposed to blue rays. These rays only are a small percentage, but the problem is that consumers spend hours on these devices. This is what lead to health problems. Blue light is like salt consumers need it but too much can be harmful to their health. Blue light glasses reduce their exposure to these light rays.

Blue Light and the Sleep Cycle

Blue light glasses known as sleep glasses help regulate the sleep cycle. Blue light regulates our cycle of waking and sleeping. It provides the energy to wake up in the morning. Exposing ourselves to blue light at night, by working on the computer or watching TV can affect our sleep cycle.

Wearing blue light glasses helps consumers, get a good night’s sleep. Too much exposure to blue light suppresses the production of melatonin in the body. This hormone regulates the sleep cycle. The lack of blue light at night gives the body the chance to produce melatonin. Studies show that over exposure to blue light damages the eyes. We develop eye strain from working too many hours on the computer, tablet, or smartphone. The eyes are not made to filter blue light from the digital world. This can cause consumer to suffer from eye diseases.

Tips to Reduce Blue Light Exposure

Wearing blue light glasses is a good way to reduce exposure. Taking frequent breaks, when working on computers helps to reduce exposure. Protect the eyes during the day, by wearing sunglasses and limiting the use of digital devices in the evening. These glasses can be worn at work, school, and during the evening.

It is suggested that consumers switch to blue light glasses about 3 to 4 hours before bed. Try to get exercise early in the morning and participate in activities that are soothing in the evening. This might be listening to music, reading, or playing board games. This all leads to a good night sleep.

What to Look for When Purchasing Glasses

When looking for blue light glasses look for ones that are durable and flexible. They should have some type of breakage warranty. When consumers try them, on they should fit comfortably. These glasses reduce eye strain, itchiness, and block out blue light.

Many glasses are made of plastic, come with blue light technology and have adjustable lenses. Some blue light glasses are designed to be worn at night before bed only and others for gamers. These glasses can be ordered after an exam with an eye doctor and some are covered by insurance.

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