Six occasions when a maxi dress is perfect

The maxi dress is one of the most versatile items of clothing available. You can use it as formal evening wear or when lounging around on a summer’s day. All you need to do is adjust your accessories and you can completely change the impact of the outfit. Here are just six occasions for which you can adapt your maxi dress.


If you want a combination of smart and comfortable to wear to the office, a cotton or linen maxi dress may be just what you need. In cooler months, add layers with a cardigan or blazer to stay warm and keep your outfit sharp. There is no reason you cannot still be creative with style accessories in your office wear.


Obviously, you cannot wear white to someone else’s wedding; however, maxi dresses come in a whole range of stylish colours and patterns. It is easier to look elegant when the dress is not too revealing, with a smart choice of shoes and bag completing the look. If it is likely to be warm and sunny weather, sandals will be the perfect accompaniment.

Black tie

The elegance of the maxi dress extends to the most sophisticated black tie events. There may be more options for black tie outfits than you think, but you cannot go wrong with high heels and a classic black dress that will turn heads and make you the most glamorous person in the room.

Off duty

Another change of accessories can make most maxi dresses perfect for when you are not at work or a special occasion. Swap the smart shoes for trainers and the cardigan for a leather jacket and you will be ready to relax whilst still looking stylish.


A maxi dress is generally made of a light fabric that can keep you cool during those hot summer months, especially in the crowd and noise of the big city. This is the perfect way to combine casualness and elegance, whether on a day out or running errands.


Just as a lightweight maxi dress is perfect in summer, it is perfect in the casual setting of the beach. It will easily slip over your bikini when you want to look a little more elegant and will keep you comfortable on the sand.

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