Strange but Fun

The world is done with seriousness. People have so many worries and formal things in their life that they try to find an escape whenever it is possible. We compensate for this dullness and seriousness by adding little flavors to things in our life like our clothes, our food, and our company. A few years back, people were very formal about their dressing, and they used to follow the trends very strictly. They considered it imperial do follow the social norms while they dress up. Now, as the world is changing, so are the trends and the way people think.

Funny Quotes

People really love to read quotes because they feel like they speak for their life. It is especially true for funny quotes because they make people laugh, and spreading happiness and positivity is a social service in itself. People also get attitude quotes written on their shirts to give others an impression of their mindset.


Another trend is getting a cartoon character that is already famous, made on your clothes. Some people even go a little far with this by getting a cartoon character made on their clothes that resembles them. Such customized clothes were complicated to find a few years back, but now, as the trends have spread like wildfire, you can easily find a company that can provide you with such shirts, caps, bags, and accessories.


Flowers and patterns have grown old as the markets are taken over by creative prints by Yukly that were assumed to be strange at first, but now they are mainstream. One such example is the newspaper print on shirts. Another example is the photograph collage that is printed on shirts. Smartphone is now accessible; people take a lot of pictures and want their pictures to be everywhere, from their clothes to their mugs. Hence, such services are now available, which were previously assumed to be absurd but are now accepted as being fashionable.

Fashion Style

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