Rubber Mats For Commercial Kitchens

Kitchens can increase safety by using rubber matting. Learn how Rubber Matting can improve safety and hygiene for your kitchen staff.

Anyone who manages a commercial kitchen must ensure that all employees and others who enter the kitchen are safe. This includes assessing and putting in place preventative measures.

Rubber mats can help prevent accidents from happening by preventing food spillages, leaky or overflowing sinks, pipes, trip hazards, and wet floors.

We will be focusing on just a few benefits of using rubber matting and custom logo rugs in commercial cooking areas. There are many others that you might not have considered.

Preventing Slip Accidents

It is important to help prevent them when operating a safe commercial kitchen.

Rubber mats offer stability and grip so that people standing on them can rely on the flooring for stability. The rubber mats allow for spillages and debris to collect underneath them until they are removed later. This reduces the risk of slipping or falling on the floor.

Combats Fatigue to Boost Well Being

People who work in kitchens often stand in the same place all day, which can lead to achy joints, muscle pain, headaches, and fatigue.

Rubber mats offer an alternative to standing on hard floors. They encourage people to do micro-movements, which keep blood flowing around their legs. This means that the heart doesn’t have to work as hard pumping blood around the body.

You will see a decrease in fatigue, increased productivity, and more motivated employees. Additionally, your employees will be less likely to get sick from musculoskeletal conditions that can often result from standing too long.

Better Hygiene Control

Rubber mats not only provide safety for employees but also make your commercial kitchen cleaner and healthier. Dirt and other debris will be caught underneath the mat and collected under it.

It is also true that if you spill something, it will just run through the holes and sit there until you roll up the mats and all the debris is removed from beneath them.

Protect floors and equipment

Rubber mats act as a barrier between your kitchen floor and any equipment that might be dropped on it. This means that the equipment and the floor will be less likely to be damaged.

This is particularly useful if you have a lot of glass or ceramic items in your commercial kitchen.

The best rubber mats to use in commercial kitchens

You have now decided that rubber mats for commercial kitchens offer many benefits. Now it is time to decide which type of rubber mat you prefer.

It is important to choose the right rubber mat for your needs. They are often made of natural rubber, which is great for floors that are dirty or wet frequently. However, they are not compatible with oil or grease spillages making them less suitable for commercial kitchens.

Matting made from nitrile rubber is the best choice. This material is more resistant to oil and grease spillages and lasts longer than natural rubber, making it a worthwhile investment.

This type of mat is familiar to readers who have used it before. Natural and Nitrile rubbers look almost identical, making it difficult to tell the difference. You may choose to use a mat that is colored, typically Red or Blue. This indicates that it is made of a nitrile rubber compound.

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To ensure safety, you should choose a design with holes. A kitchen with a thickly textured floor will provide traction for your employees as they move around the kitchen.


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