How to choose a necklace?

When one wonders how to choose a necklace? You must know that there are lots of criteria to make the right choice of original necklace, fashion or fantasy. Here are some tips to know how to choose a latest necklace online designs with price.

The right length for a jewelry is the main criterion for choosing a necklace and its width, the second criterion to know which necklace to choose your morphology but also your desires and your personal taste in terms of material and color. So do not hesitate to add a little fantasy in your life through a selection of original and ultra chic jewelry, once you have consulted these tips very practical.

How do you realize the size of a necklace?

It’s easy, look at the size of the necklace, then choose a cord, a ribbon of fabric of the same length and then surround your neck and you will see exactly how long your jewelry will fall.

Summary table of sizes

  • A 35 centimeter necklace is a choker, it will surround your neck at your throat, it is also called dog collar, it is very sexy. We will choose this type of necklace to highlight your glamor and seduction, wear them with the top of the open chest.
  • A necklace of 45 cm is a close neck, you can wear it in simple chain or add a pendants if you wish, it is good to clear his bust if you want to showcase, so we will choose this necklacewith a sweater notched or a bustier will suit well.
  • A necklace of 50 cm is a classicthat arises at the bust, it is perfect to highlight a neckline a V-neck sweater or a round collar can give a lot of charm and femininity, a sexy worn that will depend on the associations of garment, you can also wear it on a plain-colored turtleneck. We will choose a necklace of this type for classic style, see sexy chic.
  • A necklace of 60 cm is a longone that can already be worn in single or double rank according to his tastes it is suitable for all looks, it is a good gift idea, a value for a necklace fantasy. We will choose this type of necklace for cool and relaxed ethnic style.
  • A collar of 70 cm is a long necklacealready, it is a good length very fashionable to wear a pendant on a metal chain for example, dare fantasy and color. We will choose a necklace of this length to emphasize the bottom of your bust, your hips.
  • A necklace beyond 80 cm is the ultra long necklace, it can be worn in single or double row, it is a very chic necklace. We love pearls or chains with fancy pendants. We will choose a necklace of this typefor a long chic.

It’s up to you to adapt this size guide to your lifestyle and your fashion cravings, to know how to choose a necklace designs online is also important to be well informed before making a purchase.

How to choose a necklace?

  1. Choose the collar style that suits your look
  2. Choose the collar length that fits your size
  3. Choose the collar width adapted to your morphology
  4. Choose the color and material of the necklace

For the choice of necklace you will have to choose the materials, of your necklace you will be able obviously to choose the metal which remains the most current material but do not hesitate to choose a more original material like the natural wood, the feathers or the stone.


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