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The reception tent allows you to organize your outdoor space when you receive guests without having to deal with the weather. It protects your guests from the sun, wind and light rain so that they can enjoy a meal with friends, a family reunion or a special occasion in the garden. Reception area, shape and accessories are all criteria to take into account when choosing a reception tent that suits you.

What is a party tent?

The party tent is a practical solution when a special event is being prepared outdoors. On the occasion of a birthday, a wedding or simply a lunch with friends, it protects the guests from the sun and bad weather while preserving their privacy.

The garden tent combines indoor comfort and the charm of the outdoors, allowing guests to move around as they wish. This occasional equipment adapts to the outdoor space and gives it an additional aesthetic touch. It consists of a metal structure to assemble and a canvas.

The different types of party tents

There are different models of tents to choose from depending on the size of your garden, the number of people you want to accommodate and also their decorative aspect.

The folding party tent

The folding 20×20 canopy tent adapts to the outdoor space. Easy to assemble and disassemble, it has a curtain that can be closed to shelter guests in the event of rain or hot weather, or removed as needed. The Pole Tent curtains also have translucent windows that let in light so that guests can enjoy the view outside while remaining comfortably seated.

Some models come with a storage bag to easily store and transport the tent.

The pagoda tent

Modular, the pagoda tent can be fully open or closed to the outside. It has three walls, two of which have windows and opens onto the front part to facilitate comings and goings. This equipment can nicely hide food or drink reserves or even sound and video equipment.


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