Shortfills And Nicotine Shots: Why Buy Them Separately?

No matter, whether you are an experienced vaper, or a newbie in the vaping game, you certainly know that vaping has always been treated unfairly by law. This is the reason why recently shortfill e-liquids and nicotine shots are purchased separately from the e-liquid market.

Even CBD users around the globe are purchasing CBD e juice and shortfills separately from dealers like As far as quality is concerned, you can expect to get the best products from here. However, the question most users have in mind is, why buy shortfills and nic (nicotine) shots or CBD vape juice separately?

Well, to understand this, it is important to first understand what exactly are shortfills. So, let’s get started…


In simple words, a shortfill is basically a large bottle of vape juice that is not fully filled, and does not contain any nicotine in its mix. The space provided in every shortfill is specifically given for the user to add nicotine shot or CBD vape liquid to it. This means you can add your preferred quantity of nicotine to an ordinary vape juice and convert it into a nicotine infused vaping liquid.

Then again the question still remains why one need to go through all this trouble instead of simply buying readily available nicotine infused vape liquid?

The need to buy shortfills and nic shots separately:

Since 2016, laws concerning the selling and purchasing of nicotine infused e-liquids, and e-cigs have changed. Since most vaping e-liquids contain nicotine, FDA established new e-cig regulations based on the fact that nicotine is present in the device and thus it is by product of tobacco. Also, in some countries, the law restricted vape retailers to sell nicotine infused vape juice in bottles bigger than 10ml.

Well, the important point here is to understand that the common vape juice bottle size is 30 to 50 ml. So, it ultimately makes more sense if you buy non-nicotine vape juice bottle of whatever size you want, and along with it purchase a nicotine shot.

Tips for buying nic shots

Now, as it is clear why vapers have to buy shortfill and nic shots separately, it is important to figure out the right size of nic shot one must buy. Well, the size of the shot depends on how strong you want a nicotine hit to be.

For instance, if you have started vaping because you want to quit smoking, it is best if you buy nic shots in bigger size, say 6mg nicotine shots. On the other hand, if you want something weaker, go for 3mg nicotine shots.

Then again, keep in mind that if you intend to add more than one shot of nicotine to your shortfill, ensure to empty out some of the vaping juice from the shortfill. After all, you will need some space in the bottle to add the nic shot.

Well, there you go. If buying vaping juice and nic or CBD shots separately ensures that you aren’t doing anything against the law, it is the best thing to do.


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